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A Parents' Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Care of a Child with a Seizure Disorder

Produced in Association with the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

A diagnosis of epilepsy instantly raises numerous questions and fears for the parents and caretakers of a newly diagnosed child. Education is the key to understanding and managing all the aspects of this chronic condition, yet the learning curve can often be steep. The purpose of this film is to bring you quickly up to speed.

CHILDHOOD EPILEPSY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW offers a broad perspective—that includes the medical, practical, emotional and social aspects of epilepsy—that will help you to be the best help for your child.

The film provides an essential overview of childhood epilepsy, including: different types of seizures; diagnostic procedures; treatment options; doctors; the importance of advocacy; the impact of epilepsy on development and learning; safety; epilepsy in the family and community; stigma; services provided by the Epilepsy Foundation and government agencies; and the benefits of encouraging your child's unique interests and talents.

CHILDHOOD EPILEPSY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW features epilepsy specialists; pediatric neurologists; educators; occupational, speech, and family therapists; Epilepsy Foundation representatives, and numerous families of children with epilepsy who share information and offer advice ... as do many children with epilepsy who speak up for themselves.

Parts I and II
Childhood Epilepsy: What You Need to Know
Running Time: 81 mins. | DVD | Price: $24.95

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