Change Makers

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Winner of Best Feature Documentary at The Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2014

Winner of the People's Choice Award at Borrego Springs Film Festival 2015

In 1978 two bitter enemies--Uganda’s Idi Amin and Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere --fought a brutal war that drove Amin and his family into exile. Now their two sons, Madaraka Nyerere and Jaffar Amin, set out to climb Africa’s iconic Mount Kilimanjaro on a journey of reconciliation. 

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Steve SchneiderClimate Warrior is about the passionate and politicized battle over global warming told through the life and times of the Nobel Prize winning climate scientist, Steve Schneider . Despite the hate mail and death threats, he fought to bring science, reason and humanity to the defense of the planet’s life support system.

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 hah ecumenical bartholomew

Named The Green Patriarch by Al Gore, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew 1 is one of Time Magazine's  "100 Most Influential People in the World Today."

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Based on research conducted by world class economist Hernando de Soto Polar, this film looks at the terriotiral causes of the crisis in the Amazon and offers a modern and peaceful solution. De Soto's Institute for Liberty and Democracy also researches indigenous problems in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.



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